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  1. 2014.04.25 Lessons from Crayola
  2. 2014.04.22 Domino's Heartfelt Marketing

Lessons from Crayola

SNS News 2014.04.25 11:05

One of the qualities that we find redeeming in a brand is humanization. It seems that another brand has come up on the radar for being sincere and taking customer service to heart. Crayola, a company that creates artists' supplies and is best known for its crayons, has customer service at the top of its list of priorities, which is evident from its Twitter page.

Read this article to find out three lessons that you can learn from Crayola.


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Heartfelt marketing, marketing that appeals to the emotional senses, is one key aspect of social marketing. It allows people to connect on a more personal level, which makes the campaign that much more effective. Domino's is doing this right in their current marketing campaign. Check out their videos right here; don't forget to read the article as well!

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