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What is Social Media Analytics?

Social Media Analytics (SMA) has been introduced as a way to make business and marketing decisions from social conversations. SMA, such as sentiment analysis and text mining, allows marketers to single out valuable information from conversations happening on the web and incorporate it into their business plans. SMA isn’t limited to only social networking sites, it is also available for document collections that can be found on the Internet, blogs, and more. In the current state of marketing and social media marketing, SMA is a crucial part in taking the big step to improving marketing decisions based on customers’ needs and opinions.



Why is SMA Important?

In the social era, it is obvious that many people will be using social network sites. In a recent survey carried out by the Korea Internet & Security Agency, results showed that after search engines, people in Korea used social networking sites the most. Chart 1 shows that 50.4% of people in Korea use social networking sites. Chart 2 shows that out of these 50.4%, 87.7% use and check social networking sites at least once a week. This is a considerable amount of customer opinion that can be mined and a considerably large audience to target.

<Chart 1: isis.kisa.co.kr>

<Chart 2: isis.kisa.co.kr>

SMA shows what is going well and what isn’t; however, what makes SMA so important is that it shows what is going well or badly based on customer opinion. This is the key factor of SMA as it is the goal of marketers to satisfy their customers. Not only does using SMA help marketers figure out what’s working and what’s not, it also helps in estimating ROI. ROI is not an easily calculated measurement. SMA, however, makes it a little easier. How, you may ask? Certain tools show which social platform “leads” come from and this “lead” can be given a value based on which product or service is being sold. Lastly, SMA helps marketers to be more efficient. Suppose a marketer is spending all of their day checking social network news feed streams, such as Facebook and Google+, and news sites for potential leads and feedback. This time is better spent on other activities due to text and opinion mining solutions that make up an SMA tool. All in all, SMA solutions will help marketers find success and it is even more worth the cost if time and money are already being allocated into social media.

<출처 http://isis.kisa.or.kr/ 2013 Moblie Internet Utilization Report>


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