Why is Facebook’s Organic Reach Decreasing And What This Means For Businesses

    In June 2014, Facebook announced that it has decided to show less of businesses’ updates in user’s News Feeds. This decision has caused businesses to go into turmoil as their social media strategy will not be comprised of “post whatever you find interesting on your business’s Facebook page.”

    According to Facebook, out of the over 1500 posts that could appear in a single user’s News Feed in a day, only 300 are selected to be shown so as to keep the content interesting and relevant.

    There are over 30 million active small business Facebook pages. These small businesses do not have the means – the marketing strategy or budget – that major brands do.  In Facebook’s eyes, these businesses’ posts are not healthy for their user’s News Feed, as it can be considered spam, so it has taken further action to give these posts less exposure.

    By setting such a high standard for what kind of posts gain exposure, Facebook has caused business owners to say that “organic reach has been frustrating, but it’s pushed [us] to set a higher bar, a higher standard for the content [we’re] posting.” This decision has also created businesses to post only engaging content, not just whatever they think may be interesting to their fans. Brainstorming and writing content will now have to be hand-selected and looked over several times.



    For Facebook users, there are a few ways to help your favorite local businesses. 

Facebook has made it harder for you to show your interest in businesses. When you like a page, you might think that you are effectively letting Facebook know that you are interested in the subject matters of the page and the posts that will be uploaded; however, it takes two more steps to make that happen. First, when you “like” a Facebook page, you need to click the arrow to show the drop-down menu and check “Get Notifications”. Second is by reacting and interacting with the page’s posts. Liking and commenting is considered activity to Facebook, and the higher your activity and interaction with the page, the more exposure you will receive from the Facebook page.

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