According to a recent report from Demand Metric and Netbase, social media analytics tools are valuable to marketers because they allow marketers to track campaigns, analyze brands, and gather competitive intelligence. This report was based on the responses of 125 marketers.

In the graph to the left, the top three reasons are shown. The top three reasons, as said before are campaign tracking, brand analysis, and competitive intelligence with 60%, 48%, and 40%, respectively.

This report contained other findings as well. The most valuable insight that social media analytics provided is by far engagement. The graph on the right makes this very apparent as engagement is the only factor that is green.

The last picture shows that social media analytics has only become prevalent since 2012, because 53% of marketers using social media analytics tools started using them in 2012 and 2013. Currently, 61% of the marketers surveyed use social media analytics tools.


Social media analytics tools are becoming more prevalent as marketers are realizing that social marketing and its strategies are the key to their brand’s future success. There are a variety of social media analytics tools that use their own formulas to provide the most accurate data for marketers and their teams to analyze. If you want to become one of the marketers that are taking a quantum leap forward, look into social media analytics tools.


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