According to Introhive, 98% of sales professionals believe that building relationships is the most important part of selling. Do you agree? What do you think is the most important factor in social networking?

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Heartfelt marketing, marketing that appeals to the emotional senses, is one key aspect of social marketing. It allows people to connect on a more personal level, which makes the campaign that much more effective. Domino's is doing this right in their current marketing campaign. Check out their videos right here; don't forget to read the article as well!

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Success in the World of Social Media: What Really Matters Most?

By Robert White

When it comes to social media, many factors come into play -- customers' attention span, customer engagement, quality and sincerity of content, and much more. There also many different strategies that companies employ; however, companies with successful social media strategies tend to incorporate the same several characteristics.

Humanization is one of the biggest characteristics that social media analysts and experts talk about. Being honest and appealing in a human way allows the customers to connect making humanization one of the key factors to successful social media.

For a more in-depth perspective, read Robert White's article, "Success in the World of Social Media: What Really Matters Most?"

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