1.  Finding the Correct Target Audience

Any type of marketing requires a target audience that is consistent with the product or service that is being sold. For example, a marketer would not want to put resources into advertising Barbie dolls to a 40 year-old man. Granted, there may be some middle-aged men who are rare doll collectors but this isn’t the most effective target audience. It’s impossible to make everyone love a product or service; that’s why it’s important to find the audience that does or is likely love it.

2. Strong Brand Awareness

Why is it that when it comes down to choosing between a store brand and a name brand, many customers choose the name brand? This is because the name brand has spent a lot of resources on creating catchy, memorable slogans and captivating ads that ensure that their product is of the highest quality. This is one and the same in B2B marketing and will greatly help in finding potential buyers.

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3. Set Goals

As a marketer, your main goal is to find buyers who will buy your product or service. To make the process easier, it is crucial to set clear conversion goals for your product or service. These goals will become a checklist for you to look back on and tweak when results are not going your way. With clear conversion goals it’s easy to find the point where the potential buyer is lost. Did they open the newsletter you sent them but not click on the link to your website? Did they go to your website but not purchase anything? This can be discovered with a few clear conversion goals.

4. Analyze

Marketing analysis software is a ripe industry at the moment. With new marketing analysis softwares coming up with new features and easier-to-use UIs, it’s become a breeze for marketers, such as yourself, to analyze your marketing efforts. Have you set conversion goals? Want to gather data about your website? Tools such as Google Analytics will help you on your way. Be sure to analyze your efforts so you know which effort to focus on and which to let go of.



5.  Be Creative

Being creative has more pros than cons when you stick to your mission statement and other campaigns. Stretch your imagination and put it to work on your company’s message. Are you a car company that wants to boast a new precision steering feature in your trucks? Be creative about it like Volvo does in their campaign for their new Volvo Dynamic Steering. This is the link to their marketing campaign video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7FIvfx5J10.

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6. Humanize Your Campaign

This goes along with #5. Humanize your campaign; appeal to the senses of your audience. Many marketing campaigns are less appealing to potential customers because they are very static and one-directional. Being human allows you to be more creative and have a greater chance at peaking the interest of your audience.

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