Twitter Making Headway

SNS News 2014.04.11 15:37

Twitter is on a rampage in changing its design and user interface. In an effort to stay highly competitive with Facebook, Twitter is not only giving it's website a makeover, it is also adding some fresh new UI features to its site as well as to Twitter on mobile devices.

Twitter is going to add pop-up notifications for web users (a.k.a. those using a browser on their computer). You will be notified of retweets, mentions and more. Users can also interact with these notifications -- in other words, you can reply to direct messages that you receive as a notification will pop up. Another cool feature is that this pop-up will not stay like a Facebook chat and block the rest of your browser, it will disappear and a new notification will pop up when you receive a new message. Although appealing to many, notifications can be disabled in settings.

Several new features that will be implemented along with notifications and a redesign for users' profiles are photo collages on mobile as well as photo tags on mobile. Photo collages allow users to upload up to four images without losing any of your 140 characters. Photo tags are just what the name suggests; this feature allows you to tag other Twitter users in the pictures that you have uploaded.

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