You may have been wondering why Twitter would want to follow Facebook in its profile layout. You might think that Twitter would want to stay away from Facebook's design because of how it would remind its users of Facebook. Its main goal is to attract the new incoming generation of social networking users; however, having a design that's a constant reminder of Facebook might not be the way to go.

One reason that Twitter might have in fact wanted to update their design similarly to Facebook is that, it works! As they say, "if it's not broken, don't fix it" -- not saying that Twitter's old design was broken in the first place, but Facebook's design has been working even when many users were against the change.

Another reason is that the new Twitter design and interface allows users to pin posts and showcase the tweets that have received a lot of mentions and replies. This new change might be Twitter's way of targeting new users from small businesses to fundraising campaigns.

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Posted by ENPICK